For our off road diesel customers-

We provide dyed premium diesel for on-site heavy equipment fueling, or for permanent installations such as generators and shop tanks. Our delivery personnel has the heavy equipment knowledge and experience to avoid wrongful fueling, causing unnecessary downtime and repairs.

If you have a shop tank that requires regular filling, we offer an automatic delivery service for tanks 500 gallons or larger.

For our on road diesel customers-

We realize the importance of providing our customers with quality fuels. With the government mandated biofuels that are currently being used, your expensive diesel truck fuel systems have been subjected to a myriad of potential new problems. We work exclusively with one of the nations top fuel treatment companies to put together an additive package that provides maximum protection AND PREVENTION from these new issues. Some customers have also reported a fuel mileage increase after switching to our products!

ALL of our diesel is sold with an additive package that will help extend fuel filter service life, as well as prevent filter plugging issues in colder months. It can also increase fuel mileage, reducing exhaust emissions and DEF usage, which can result in longer DPF life and less downtime!!

Please call for a competitive quote, for all of your diesel fuel needs.